Privacy Policy


In order to help you use our site, personal data may be collected about you, such as your Name, E-mail Address and messages you send us via contact forms. This document sets out to help you understand what data we collect about you, why we collect it, how we collect it, how long we collect it for, who we share that data with, how we protect it and what happens if the data is breached. This is to help you better understand how your data is collected and used. As part of this, you can also access all the data that we collect about you and if you wish, remove it from our website.

Who we are?

We are Marina Boats, our website address is: and we are owned by Aidan Pragnell. In order to contact Aidan or Dan Fowler, you can use the Contact section on this website or directly at / .

What personal data we collect and why we collect it?

In order for this website to function properly and to help you in your interactions with it, you may sometimes share your personal data with us. This is happens in one main way:

Contact forms:

When you contact us directly using the “Contact” section of this website, data that you give us such as (but not limited to) your Name, E-mail Address and the message you wish to send is collected by us. This is kept in order to receive your message and reply to you. In order to contact us, you actively accept that you acknowledge these conditions while registering.

We may also use this data to:

Comply with any legal obligations we have, such as calculating taxes.

Do we store cookies?

In order for the site to function properly, we may need to store very small pieces of information on your system called cookies. Cookies are important for any website where you can log in or might wish to save your preferences. If you select any option on our site where you wish for the site to remember your details, these will be saved on your system in the form of a cookie. We also may store cookies with your location, your IP address and your browser type. (See Additional Details above)

You are within your rights to turn these off manually on your web browser but full functionality with this site can not be guarantied.


In order to keep track on how our website is being used, we may collect analytic data. Anonymous data may also be collected for analytic purposes by our web hosting provider.

Who do we share your data with?

Within our organisation, we keep your data protected and it is only able to be accessed by members and our web development team. However in order to process some of your data, it must be shared with third parties. The third parties that we share your data with are:

YouTube: If you chose to watch videos on our site, information about you may be shared with YouTube. No information is shared with YouTube if you do not play any videos.

How long do we retain your data?

When you contact us via a contact form, the data you give us will be kept indefinitely unless you ask us to remove it. This makes it easier to reply to your message and reference it in the future if needed.

What rights do you have over your data?

Under the new GDPR rules, your rights have been greatly increased. Under these rules, you have the right to know what data we collect from you and why. As well as this, you can also contact our Data Protection Officer (see below) directly and request to either all of the data that we have on you (but not necessarily the data that third parties, listed above, will have) and if necessary erase that data.

Where can you contact us about your data rights?

If you want to contact us about your data rights, including viewing and erasing your data, you can contact our Data Protection Officer Daniel Fowler at

How do we protect your data?

In order to protect your data, we only give access to critical staff and web development team members.

What data breach procedures do we have in place?

In the event of a data breach to this site, you can expect two things to happen. When we have been made aware of it, we will e-mail all of the effected parties that we have information for from their records if this is possible. We will also make a public notification of the problem and it’s status on our Facebook page.

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