Here at Marina Boats; business continues as normally as it can for now. Working from home is not an option for us, so we are taking all the necessary precautions whilst we remain open. We care about your safety, so we kindly ask that any clients or potential clients call ahead.

We are successfully conducting meetings, build stage and completion sign offs via video call, in addition to socially distant viewings. If you would like any further information or to arrange a meeting,

please call: +44(0)7545045678 or email:

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Marina Boats Ltd is a British company based in Southampton, Hampshire.  Our boats offer an innovative solution to life, holidays or business afloat.  The ideal hide-away, combining spacious accommodation and ingenious storage solutions, with modern luxury.  Thanks to beautiful stretching glass, the Marina Boat boasts panoramic views; seamlessly connecting you to the watery world around.

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The Inspiration Series


Inspiration 25

The perfect weekend getaway complete with full head-height wet room, 2x double berths below decks, fully equipped galley and an airy open plan saloon


Inspiration 28

For longer stays on-board boasting generous fitted wardrobe & storage space complete with full head-height wet room, 2x double berths below decks, fully equipped


Inspiration 36

Comfortable for families to share, able to accommodate up to four double berths below deck or storage and utility rooms combinations retaining the full


Inspiration 20

Our latest addition to the Inspiration Series features the ‘no frills’ Inspiration 20.  This 20ft option is a highly versatile and open plan space


Our Story

The design and concept of Marina Boats Ltd came from Director / Founder Aidan Pragnell, who specialises in building and maintaining both pleasure craft and houseboats.

Whilst spending time on his own boat he noticed that a large proportion of boats never leave the marina. Most of which were used just as weekend retreats or holiday homes. 

Labeled cut away 3 quarter Marina Boat diagram

Like most boat owners, Aidan started with a small boat and upgraded to larger vessels to maximise living space and comfort onboard,  in doing this he found the bigger the boat, the less he used it for boating.

Finished Marina Boat

This resulted in the concept of a Marina Boat being developed, which is a boat that spends the majority of its time in a marina as a holiday home or could even be a permanent home. The Marina Boat was designed to boost internal space by having no side decks or bulky sailing / manoeuvring equipment. 

Aidan Pragnell – Company Director 


Get the Lifestyle

Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether a weekend retreat or permanent get away, once you step on board the calm and rejuvenation commences. Spending time on a Marina Boat in any location not only gives you all the sense of comfort and convenience of home but the soft undulations of being afloat relax and quiet the mind.

Frequently Asked Questions


Marina Boats are designed to adhere to the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) Category D which refers to craft able to travel the inland waterways and sheltered coastal areas.

Before delivery, each Marina Boat will be assigned a Manufacturers Identification Code (MIC or WIC formally CIN or HIN). This 14 digit alga numerical number with the prefix MBZ along with the surveyed tonnage certificate to be registered along with the owners chosen name (as long as the name is still available) with the British Marine federation and placed on the Small Ships register.
There is an optional extra of a pair of 8hp Torqueedo pod drives that sit below decks in the stern service bays running on lithium batteries. This option needs to be agreed before commencement of the build as they cannot be retro fitted.

As they are boats, anywhere you have permission. They can be moored on ground that dries out although with the draft of circa 40cm and the catamaran hulls being flat bottomed they sit down comfortably on the mud. Designed to be moored stern-to so they take minimum pontoon length and are only 12ft wide. Visit our “Where to Moor” section to see Marinas that we have agreements with.

The final decision will come down to the marina operator themselves although there is no reason why not. It all depends on the usage and the terms stated in the specific marina’s mooring license. Visit our “Where to Moor” section to see Marinas that we have agreements with.

Having a 12ft Beam with their light weight construction they are able to be craned onto the back of a flatbed lorry usually with no need for police escorts.
Any where in the world is possible and we can assist with the organisation. 
Both the insulated core within the build up of fibreglass structure and the additional multi-layer space foil retain heat in the winter and keep cool in the summer.

2yrs return to base warranty as standard.

If looked after a Marina Boat should by able to be passed down the generations.

Location specific but we have solutions to suit all. Ideally cleverly pumped into mains drainage although if not available we can install a biodigestor that breaks down the waste with a bacterial process and purifies the water to a level which is able to go overboard.

As good practice all boats should come out of the water every year to be jetwashed off and inspected although not necessary. All Marina Boats are anti-foul coated as standard although there are optional extras of copper coat or anti foul Vynal wrap that can warrant the extended time between required lift outs.

Contact us for details of insurance companies our buyers have used in the past
Link to our finance provider (other finance provides available)

Currently they are zero rated for VAT if non-propelled and used as a prime residence. If you choose to go for the propelled version or are using to let out commercially, VAT is payable on the full price.

Where to Moor?

So you’ve decided on your model, now you need a home for it.


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Here at Marina Boats the team are taking the appropriate precautions to deal with covid 19. We care about your safety, so we kindly ask

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Sol Regina

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